View Full Version : First Our Weapons, Now Our MODS!

Critical Errors
10-27-2013, 07:07 AM
I try to be helpful on these forums. I try to offer advice to the new guys. Throw in some decent ideas for the devs. But now I look at my game and have to wonder why I spent half a year playing it just to start over!

The new weapons are great, grand, wonderful. Ditto on the new mods. But it seems like a step backwards to me. We all scream and shout for new content, and instead the content stays the same and our inventories become obsolete.

MODS: The general consensus on the XBOX 360 NA servers was that the mods being readily available provided better gaming. Weapon prices dropped between players, and the cost of finding a mod no longer was 150k or more. That theory is out the window now..... Already in game I see people trying to pawn off these new mods for ridiculous prices. Just when the game got less focused on who has the most scrip, the new toys make it all about who can farm the most.

WEAPONS: I don't even know where to start on the old inventory. It was stated that old weapons could not be changed for fear of breaking the database. (A slightly plausible reason, if not for all the changes they made to weapons since launch!). So this new database is created, and more than half the weapons don't have a NANO, and there is no way to make the weapons synergy match if you want a NANO.
Then we have all these shiny new mods that we'll have to hold in our inventory for way to long, because we STILL cannot remove/replace one mod at a time!

So for all the Veterans of Defiance, we are once again indirectly told to delete our characters and start fresh....