View Full Version : Claims Items - Mastery Rolls on These or No?

10-28-2013, 03:41 PM
Who's pulled a weapon out of claims and unlocked the mastery bonus on it recently?

I'm curious because the "no mastery roll" problem was recently asked to the developers, and the answer was that the problem isn't related to the weapons being in claims. However, in my case EVERY weapon pulled from claims when mastered had NO bonus unlock. So with people getting jackpot lockboxes and probably not having the room for all the new inventory in some cases, this seems like a good time to ask.

So if you had a nice weapon go to claims recently, please level it up and respond as to what the results were on that mastery bonus.

10-28-2013, 04:09 PM
Although I have a fresh bug report on this topic in the reports section (I've had 3 no-masteries since this patch dropped, and none prior - though I know the bug has been around since before), I can confirm that not all items from claims will have no-masteries (updated) - I leveled one of the cluster shots from my claims and it did get a mastery (also a particle rep, and a VOT fragger - all from claims, all since this last patch, all had masteries).

*Edit: although, in fairness, I have never had this problem before and I also stopped saving stuff in claims a long time ago. But, I can say that all of the items that have no-mastery (fully leveled) did come from claims. Still, that could be a coincidence, and I think Trick did say there were cases of this bug occurring on items that never hit claims.

**edit: without going back over the live stream, what Trick may have said was that he put items in claims and then pulled them out and leveled them - all yielding masteries. If this was the case then it actually doesn't eliminate claims as the possible culprit - unless their code works in such a way that it does eliminate it. What they would need is a case of no-mastery without the item going to claims first - again, unless they know their claims code/process could not yield this problem.

10-31-2013, 08:32 PM
Can anyone else say if they've gotten mastery bonuses on weapons they pulled from the Defiance Store claims section recently?