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11-14-2013, 08:28 AM
Hello Everyone,

I played Rift religiously for quite a while and backed off (got married) and now am digging Defiance. Iím only up to ego ~900 at the present though after about a week or two of semi-casual.

My question here is about mods and how they work. I scored a t5 Volge Rifle last night and itís an assassin version. i also scored a VBI electric pump shotty which is Assassin as well. On my Volge rifle, I opened all mod slots and bought one t2 assassin buttstock, and a t3 scope (both assassin synergy). Why doesnít it show that Iíve reached my 2/4 bonus? Theyíre all greyed out on the rifle, leading me to believe it isnít applying my extra bonusí.

Any advice yíall can give would be greatly appreciated. I didnít see anything related to this on a forum search/guides section, so if there is please feel free to redirect me and Iíll take a look.

11-14-2013, 08:30 AM
They stay grey until you hit 4/4 of correct synergy on those weapons.

[You used to be able to see the details of individual mods as they were equipped on the weapon, but they seemed to think that breaking the ability to see mods was acceptable. The issue here is that when we go to crush stuff, we have the option of saving the weapons or the mods. With large inventories it's hard to keep straight which weapons have which syn mods actually equipped. This makes you a little reluctant to break stuff.]

We've asked several times that they light up as you add appropriate mods. As always, we talk, we have no idea whether they heard OR listened, as we get no feedback or response 99% of the time.

And then we get no joy in the updates months later.

That last part would generally be considered a 'clue' IRL.

11-14-2013, 08:34 AM
They stay grey, but DO increase the stats as each one is added. Check the crit value on the gun now that you've added one mod.

11-14-2013, 09:42 AM
Thanks gents for the info. I was about to say I hope I didn’t waste the 12k scrip lol. I don’t remember checking the weapon last night to confirm it, it was like 3am CST and I was half asleep. Jolted up a bit when I saw orange writing, but then back to half awake-mode.

I’m investing in this weapon though, hopefully it’ll carry me over for quite a while in my CC loadout. I had a t4 version and it was great so I’m definitely looking forward to it. Just wish I had more ego points to unlock better skills for each build without re-speccing every other day lol.

Now I need to learn the best way to farm scrip to get the other 2 pieces. (Splurged when I found the vendor selling the Hemi orange car for 30k lol.)