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11-14-2013, 02:08 PM
Head over to ktamradio.com and scroll to the bottom you will see a vote for the content you would like us to play.

We are almost at our minimum threshold to start making changes to the music genres.

The break down is K-TAM will be moving to a 1000 song library rotation. How that rotation is determined is by your votes. We are working on the Metric system for this one. Each Vote is going to count for a block of songs.

If we get 100 useable votes (you can select "other" and write what you want. but if it is not a genre or something general it wont be counted but will be considered) then each vote is worth about 10 songs.

If 20 people vote for Rock, then 200 songs will be Rock songs. If 5 people vote for Techno then 50 songs will be techno.

As well the more a type of genre is selected the more chances that type of music will have to play in a rotation.

A rotation is 10 songs, plus the Station IDs and commercial breaks. Each rotation should take about an hour give or take so you can determine when a type of music is likely to be played. Because no all songs are the same length for time, this is not going to stay constant and over time the rotation will rotate. So if Techno is at the bottom of the hour, it will eventually play at the top and then go back to the bottom again. This will help keep it random, as well as the music played will be random for each genre.

So how do we pick what songs make it? Partly though your requests. We keep a list. We check it, once in a while, we are not Santa here or anything. We will also pick some of our favorites and songs we think fit the theme of what we are trying to do as a Rock station with some flexibility.

Once we have our 1000 songs we will release a list on our site that you can view. As new songs are put in we will remove old songs to maintain the 1000 song play list.

This list will be separate from any shows. Sam Skatch, Dmentia, Beck and any one else who has the gonads to submit a demo for a show will have the ability to play any music from our in house inventory of music. About 20,000 songs you might actually listen to and another 3,000 you wouldn't and hundreds of sound effects and so on. So you can still hear new music not in rotation during shows, another great reason to tune in.

Demo did I say? Why yes. If you think you have the skill, ability, time, and/or ego you could host a show on K-TAM. Be it music or talk.

If you want to be a music host because you think your taste in music is so much better than Dmentia or Skatches and you don't mind being in character and having some fun we need to hear 3-4 breaks. A break is what the DJ does between songs. In a show we do 1 every 15 min ish and they are to be no more than 3min 30 seconds long. Unless you are on a roll 4min is an absolute max. 2min 30 second to 3 min is optimal. You don't need to add music, but you could into the song/news to let us know when your break is finished.

If you would like to be a talk show host we need 30 min in two different segments (15 min each) where you host a show. You can use your friends or clan mates. Send us the recording.

Think you could anchor the news? Send us a 6 minute news break. News items, weather, traffic and sports if you are doing in character. If real world Geek/Tech/Nerd stuff then that's about 5-7 different stories. We can develop you further.

All recordings should be in MP3 format 96kbps. You should also know that we need to get some confidence in you, so come hang out in our mumble, there is someone around almost every night of the week and sometimes in the day too.

We look forward to your participation as we continue with Defiance and other games, like GTA 5 and Star Citizen. If you would like to host for a specific game let us know.


11-15-2013, 12:51 PM
Feel free to post specific song/artist requests here as well.

11-15-2013, 02:59 PM
Sorry but it has to be 100% rock/metal or I'm not gonna be able to listen.