View Full Version : Looking for a Active Clan please.

11-17-2013, 05:44 PM
Hello ! i recently started playing defiance a 3 days ago and would like to find a active clan to join.My ego level is now around 700, I have mainly been doing alot of pve but i am no stranger to PVP.Im really looking for a small/medium size clan.

I am 25 Live in Australia, Work from home and would really just like to make some Awesome defiance buddies.
My IGN is Equanimity.

Elastik Spastik
12-03-2013, 05:57 PM
If your looking for friendly clan mates that like to have a laugh and be involved in serious aswell as casual gameplay come check out*


We are a great PC gaming community with players from around the globe. We also play many other games aswell as defiance and have our own Teamspeak servers.
Just have a peek and see if it takes your fancy. If you decide to join us tell them elastikspastik sent you.*

On Defiance we are PC EU
My IGN elastikspastik

If your not sure find me in game if im on or pm me here and have a chat.