View Full Version : Di is looking for new members!

Leon Law
11-23-2013, 06:03 AM
Tired of playing your favourite games all by yourself?

Don't worry, here is the solution. It's also your opportunity to achieve great things in the game you love to play.

Let me introduce Damage Incorporated. We are a gaming community of players from a wide variety of games and from right around the world. Games we play range from MMORPG, to FPS and even games like Minecraft!

Name the games you play and we probably field competitive teams in that game: Stronghold Kingdoms, League Of Legends, Eve online, DotA2, World of Tanks, Battlefield 4, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, CoD:Ghosts, Minecraft. Other games we just play for fun.

In every single game I listed, we have a team or multiple teams of players online now. Some have formed factions, some teams and some coporations and alliances.

In Damage Incorporated, we do not turn away newbie players. We strongly believe that skills are trained, everyone can be as skillful as a professional player. So, we have a group of Veteran / Professional / Almost professional players who are always willing to give a helping hand, providing trainings to anyone who joins. And we have a mentor program to skill you up.

Pretty cool eh? Yeah, I think so too :)

By now you should be wondering, how do I join this cool-ish gaming community?

Well, here is all you need to do:

1) Check out http://www.dmg-inc.com/di/ and have a look around
2) Create an account and thread to introduce yourself.
3) Fill in and post the application form.

What are you waiting for? Just 3 steps to join our awesome gaming community!

That's all for now have a great day and check out the DI website to make the best gaming choice in your life! :D