View Full Version : First Impressions

04-02-2013, 09:35 AM
Just my thoughts, was wondering how other people felt...
First the good: game play is just fun, the shooting and maneuvering, the action, the missions are just fun. The game looks great for what its trying to do for sure (I run everything maxed out on an i7 and gtx 680). UI and menus are sleek and have a very cool style to them, makes feel very much part of the universe.

The not so good: Arkfall events are kinda... well boring in my opinion. I feel like its just a huge mob of people side strafing and unloading clip after clip into one monster that takes forever to die and is easy to dodge... then running away to find an ammo cache... i think both of these issues can be alleviated by instead of a couple large monsters, do a bunch of medium to smaller monsters... makes you have to watch your back more and tests your aim and maneuverability, rather than just hold down a couple buttons and watch one or two monsters slowly die... it just gets boring, plus we all keep running out of freakin ammo! more monsters = more killing, more ammo, and more fun (in my opinion)

The bad: the environment blinking in and out and monsters warping from spot to spot makes aiming a bit difficult and makes the game unplayable some times.

So all in all a fun start, though i found Rifts in Rift very exciting and fun to play and actively searched for them, but trion seems to have missed the mark a little bit on these dynamic events, but luckily its something easily changeable.