View Full Version : Oppourtunity for choice RE: New Mission

12-10-2013, 11:55 PM
I don't want to give away the mission for people who haven't done it yet. You will know which one I speak of if you have done it, or when you do it.

There was an opportunity to give me as a player the feeling of choice. The End result could have been the same in the end and I might not have ever noticed unless I played a new character though, it could have led to a mini quest chain unique to the choice I made and given me the feeling that I actually made a difference of some kind in the game.

Why present the player a choice, then remove the ability to actually pick which choice my character would have made. My character would not have acted as the game forced him too. I would have found an alternate way to find a solution with the same end result not ruining any future content for the game.

This is an opportunity missed to add a simple, yet needed game mechanic for those of us who want to role play our stories and allow us to feel more connected to our avatars and feel as if we do matter in the grand scheme of things because there IS a choice to be made.

In the future, I hope this will be considered as I know there will be another choice to be made with a different character in which the end result could still be fixed, but the potential for a short divergent story line could be very welcome in a game starved of in game lore and story content.