View Full Version : Castithan Charge Pack DLC 1 Missing? Prompt to re-purchase!

12-12-2013, 03:20 PM
PS3 player
After yesterdays "hot-fix" upon logging into the game I was greeted with the familiar press up to purchase the Castithan charge pack.... I found this odd as I hadn't seen this since purchasing DLC 1.

Next i decided I would attempt to create a new character to see if I could still choose the castithan race. Sure enough a nice big red lock.

I went into the game to see if my main toon had been effected, although I still have all my pursuits for the arena and access to the arena, I find this very troublesome.

I also attempted to re-purchase the DLC just to see what it would do.

It goes as far as showing me the DLC is 9.99 then press X to continue and press O to go back. pressing X does nothing and O cancels back to the login screen.

I have purchased a seasons pass in order for me to purchase the first DLC the Castithian Charge Pack that I already purchased and I am trying to make another character, but I can't without trying to re-purchase the Castithan Charge Pack that I already purchased in the first place. It has red locks on the Castithan Charge Pack characters but why should I re-purchase it again if I already bought it. I am very angry about this matter. Ever since they put in that new "hot-fix update, I have been having nothing but problems with it. I want to know when they will have it fixed?

This makes no sense at all.

Atticus Batman
12-12-2013, 03:26 PM
Pm Dahanese with your problem and see if she can help. Remember as community manager, she does have lots to do so it may take a few hours for a response.