View Full Version : Price Check on some Legendaries

12-17-2013, 06:41 PM
Hey guys Im looking to see how much these are worth. Interested in selling.

VBI INF-27 Immunizer

EGO: 3840
3/4 mod slots open (stock closed)

Synergy: Quartermaster
Exp Bar: Empty

x0.95 Reload
x1.10 Mag
x1.15 Mag
10% EGO recharge on full reload
x1.25 Mag

VBI TACC Autopistol

Note: This is a pre patch gun

EGO: 112
Nano: Syphon
4/4 mod slots open and filled with Tier 3's

Exp roll: x0.85 Reload
-0.30 Accuracy
25% stowed weapon clip reloaded on kill
x1.10 Fire Rate

Bio Grenade

Det Time: 0.5
Refresh: 3
Duration: 15.0
Snare: 4%