View Full Version : HELP Launcher is fail

12-20-2013, 02:26 PM
I installed the game and it ran Awesome on my machine today.

I turn it off, go out for fresh air. Come back and start the game up. The launcher all runs fine and the game launches. I can hear the music and even press buttons and hear it move around in game...But I see NOTHING. It just shows my desktop. The mouse is kind of stuck at the top center and wiggles strange....I can alt tab out smooth etc. and go right back in the active game. WTF is this? I tried google fixes, I just find other people like me no fixes.
Any one have any idea how to fix? That was this morning at 11isn it is now almost midnight and I have reinstalled all my drivers 5 times (so mad). I did all the start in safe mode, remove all, clean, reinstall the updated etc etc. PLease do not tell me basic "re-install" stuff. I did it all and covered all the bases. I need more of a solution that is going to fix this. I really want to play! I loved my experience this morning and have no problem shelling out some cash for an early xmas gift....Why is it fail.?

Just to test, I launch my other games and they work fine, including Warframe. Please help

12-20-2013, 03:23 PM
I fixed it! I read so much useless crap like: "RIght click the exe file". "Reinstall everything 10 times"... This is what fixed it. Hope it helps others. Basically this game is piss poor designed. XD.