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12-21-2013, 09:36 AM
Havana Brown (born Angelique Meunier on February 14, 1985 in Melbourne, Australia).

Welcome To
Ozz Squad Warriors
Clan Page.

Founded: 23rd July 2013.
Server: PC NA.

Minimum 1000 EGO Level Required for Entry:
Your Ego 1000 Character, is proof that you know the very basics of the game. Once you are recruited, you are welcome add any of your other characters to the clan, which will be given the same ranking as your main character, regardless of its ego level.

Clan Description:
Our name speaks for itself Ozz Squad Warriors: A Defiance Clan Only and is about 25% active on daily basis. Our Clan is Friendly, Steady and Stable, with Experienced Players. It is known to have some of the best PVP Players in the game and we rate in the top 10 of every event in the game.

Our Mission:
To Nurture, Support and Train Every Member to Warrior Status While Having Fun.

Qualities Ozz Squad Warriors Seek:
Experienced Players
Good Communication
Leadership and Followers
Good Manners
Willingness to Help
Cheaters Will Not Be Tolerated

Ozz Squad Warriors Consist of 2 Parts:

(PvP) Player vs Player:
If you like playing PvP matches, we welcome you with open arms to talk with us about joining our Squad of Warriors. It is harder to find people to play these matches than general gaming, let alone people who are very good at PvP. If this is you, we want to hear from you soon. Please remember that you must be Ego 1000 or more to join.

(PvE) Player vs Environment:
Many people in Defiance, would rather avoid playing pvp matches and because of this fact, there is no shortage of PvE players. However, we do accept people in this category from time to time depending on their attitude and qualities, which they can contribute to this clan. We do not just accept anyone. All our members are carefully picked. Please remember that you must be Ego 1000 or more to join.

What To Do:
If our Clan appeals to you, send a Private Message (PM) Not A Friend Request to one of the following people. Type only the name within the square brackets and then your message after it as shown below:

:cool: Zhis [Ozz]
/w Ozz (Your Message Here)

What is Zhis:

I'm a Chick with stick and I'm hot to trot,
Don't mess with me boy cos I've got the lot,
I'll draw my weapons anytime I need,
I am a Warrior and I'm full breed.

Don't dare to test me cos I'll cut you down,
My tongue is my sword when no one's around,
Battle hardened and ready for war,
I am the Warrior my enemies deplore.

My bloodline stems from Legends of Old,
Who's blood was shed and their stories told,
Great Warriors they were and always be,
I am a Warrior of Royalty.

I embrace the poor and broken hearted,
I healed the sick when their friends departed,
I was there when no one was,
I am the Warrior from The Clan of Ozz.

I wear my Crown with pride and grace,
Leading my faithful to a better place,
I fight for justice and peace you'll see,
I am a Warrior and Zhis is me.

:cool: Arszah [River]

/w River (Your Message Here)
:cool: Niniane [Niniane]

/w Niniane (Your Message Here)
:cool: Coyote Clive [Scrotus]

/w Scrotus (Your Message Here)
:cool: Belle Starr

/w Belle Starr (Your Message Here)
:cool: Sychs [Rexxus]

/w Rexxus (Your Message Here)
:cool: Royal Payne [Glagnar]

/w Glagnar (Your Message Here)

[B]Thank You For Visiting Our Clan Page. <Ozz>