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12-31-2013, 01:34 PM
Yes I have spoken the unspeakable, may be even a TOS violation; hell if I know I can't say I have ever read a TOS. ;) Oh I know be nice, don't attack people, refrain from personal attacks and yada yada yada :D I'm basically a nice guy with a bad attitude so if I violate a TOS the issue is with the TOS.
But I digress.

Yes free to play. You know it will happen, it usually does. Now the trial is practically a F2P; don't even try to change the name of it devs ;). Basically you have to pay to take off the ego cap, allow access to the rest of the map. I mean if I weren't having all these issues with the game I'd be playing now. I could conceivably play the trial area till I have accomplished everything; if that was actually possible.

But eventually; in my opinion, as new areas drop, old areas could be added to the "trial area". This would be good for the game. The P2P players will be up in the new areas, and if they liked, if an area seems empty, start a new character and be playing with fresh "trial" players.

The bigger the trial, the further in to the game a person gets for free, the more likely they are to buy it. But they way the game is set up now, the standard F2P system wont work, as in area accessible but no missions. I mean you can't very well keep someone out of a mission area. So adding old areas to the "trial" and raising the ego cap when new areas are released would effectively make this F2P.

So just what is my point :confused:

Should Trion add old areas to the trial as new ones are released?