View Full Version : Vermilingua [EU] - Anti bug abuse clan

01-08-2014, 09:18 AM
Defiance is full of bugs, more so than people know. There are bugs out there that would devastate the entire game if they were publicly known, but luckily, not everyone is a bug abuser.

That is why I just started Vermilingua, a PC-EU clan with one simple rule:
Do not abuse bugs that ruin the game experience for others

What prompted this is the current menace of Defiance, surge bolters. Despite their power being confirmed to be a bug caused by a decimal placement mistake, people don't seem to care. Sieges and PVP have been affected the most, but pretty much anywhere you go have some idiot with a surge bolter OHKO-ing everything from 200 meters away. If you want to use that thing in a single player mission with no one around or group up with four other users to run co ops, fine, but keep those things away from the rest of us. Defiance is dying fast enough on its own without players helping to scare people away.

Even when the surge bolter gets fixed, we still have to live with the knowledge that such a large portion of the player mass has no trouble abusing bugs. Trust me, there are far worse bugs out there, and even though they have been reported to Trion, there's a chance they will become publicly known before they get fixed - in which case you can basically uninstall the game right away.

So, if you want to get in on starting a clan of people who are not dead set on ruining the game experience, join me in making Vermilingua a success. You can leave a message here or contact me in-game.