View Full Version : My favorite scene from the show so far...

01-08-2014, 11:07 PM
Definitely has to be episode 5 with the woman and 2 husbands, where they're deciding which they're going to kill while robbing the towns money from the truck. I thought for sure "No way they're killing the black guy", just because it's atypical in this day and age (that whole black person dieing on TV thing seems to be a myth these days, with scores of white people dieing and the token black guy usually surviving for some stupid reason.)

Now what was so hilarious about this scene?

Well first, when deciding which one they were going to kill, the guy grabs the other guys junk and says "this must be her favorite".....first thing I thought "WTF he didn't even check the other guy!". So it's like he assumed the black guy had the bigger manhood (also another myth). Kind of offensive and racist against white people, but whatever. So immediately after that what do they do? They blow him away! The look of "nooooo" on his face is priceless. Husband down!

Even funnier, the other husband was more distraught at his death than the wife, with a kind of feminine demeanor about him, almost as if the two husbands were also a gay couple.

Couldn't stop laughing at that scene.

01-08-2014, 11:12 PM
And are you asking for 3 member clans for the game or something?