View Full Version : Servers are going nuts the last 10 minutes.

01-09-2014, 04:20 PM
Disappearing/appearing badguys and goodguys.
Music has changed about twice/three times/minute for several minutes, to combat music from different battles while standing inside demon where the vendors 'are supposed to be'.
Music stays in combat mode when porting to different fast travel points.
The wrong headings are scrolling.
Vendors missing.

I think those Alien Canadian Samurai are the the bottom of this.

01-09-2014, 04:39 PM
I had all my poi on my map move when i dragged the map yesterday, never seen that before..

01-09-2014, 09:26 PM
Ya, vanishing enemies. Including arkfall bosses and a lot of

hesitation lag.

US on PC.