View Full Version : Broken....

Shadow Viper
01-14-2014, 04:30 PM
Is exactly what Defiance is and apparently always will be.

A possible great game ruined due to Trion's utter incompetence and laziness to fix their s-h-i-t

Over 6 months and major game breaking bugs and glitches that shouldn't have made it past beta still are not fixed.

Arkfalls are bugged half the time.

Co-Op Instances are a waste of time due to glitched out instances that happen at least 6 out of every 10 attempts.

PVP is so unbalanced and FUBARed it's not even funny

A third of every emergency you encounter on the road is going to be bugged in some way where it either won't complete or does not offer rewards.

Simply but this game is a hassle to play due to it being so very broken and seemingly not caring.

Do not spend any money on Trion until they fix Defiance, until they fix their broken rushed game that should not have been released and still needs a lot of work.

Do not buy in-game items from the store

Do not buy inventory slots

And most of all do not buy any DLCs.

Do not allow Trion to trick you into wasting money on a broken game that they don't care about.

I feel sorry for the people that Trion tricked into buying the DLCs

Boycott Trion until they fix Defiance, simple as that. Do not spend any more money on Defiance, no DLCs, no bits, no in-game items, etc. Defiance is in such a sad state it'll be dead in a few months unless Trion starts addressing this game's major issues and making it actually fun to play rather than an almost constant hassle where you have to contiually wade through major bugs and glitches in order to try to play the game.

I feel sorry for anyone who was tricked by Trion into buying the first two DLCs. Until Defiance is fixed and Trion shows they actually care about their customers, flushing the money down the toilet would be a better investment.