View Full Version : 3 more annoying things I wish the devs would address:

01-14-2014, 08:13 PM
The game settings regarding duel, trade, group, etc. resetting to default after a mission or fast travel.

Arkfall dropping a grenade (which I can't pick up) on top of a weapon that I want to pick up. I have to either chuck a nade or swap my nade loadout, then chuck one to pick up the nade that is blocking the weapon.

The really annoying chevrons over players and enemies. If we have the option to turn off damage numbers, then we should have an option to turn off these, as well.

I'm glad they are patching some of the bugs, but these three things are a constant annoyance the entire time I play. One of my clanmates actually quit playing because of those chevrons.

Some of us like to make a game feel somewhat "realistic", hence the disabling of the numbers flying at me.(helps for WM, I know, and I use it then).