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01-16-2014, 07:50 AM
Trion you drop the 1st dlc yet the problems before it dropped were still there server time outs lousy teir4 boxes lousy drops 2nd dlc arkbreaker yup breaker alright still server timeouts when you try to get into the arkbreaker and when you do your stuck in the floor or wall for a minute or two loot drops still lousy and when you patch things all you do is nerf weapons because someone complains they cant shoot in pvp or they can shoot in pvp teir4 boxes still the same
customer support is still the same send in a problem recieve automated email. It's your fault you deleted it or check your internet connection or some other thing you dont admit to anything quit nerfing weapons and tweaking something that dont need it fix the problems you have first then tweak used to be you could get into a coop, sw or other match in a minute now you might have to wait 45 minutes or longer. Weapons were never a problem gernades were never a problem nor were shields but yet you played around with them and did not concern yourself with ongoing issues that plagued the game from the start. You need us players spending or money on bits, and playing the game without us the game dies and people get laid off of work. The customers are the ones you need to support and listen to we the gamers keep your game alive show us you want to help us and fix problems that have been along time coming and leave the things that work alone

01-16-2014, 08:08 AM
Number 1 , The grammer ****'s are going to eat your soul.
Number 2, If you dont think the surge bolter needed a nerf you are insane.
Number 3 , Many of us believe the dev's want this game to die, and the evidence does sorta point in that direction.

Happy Hunting

01-16-2014, 08:16 AM
Once again, I agree with Batman.