View Full Version : thanks dev team!!!!

01-22-2014, 10:34 PM
so me and a few friends are running around doing the rewind thing. and for every episode mission we complete, that which should go away. it pops back up again as if we never completed it. therefore we cant move on to the next episode mission. i have done these along with my friends/clan mates every time you have posted them on the server. but this is the FIRST time that we can not complete nor move on to the next. im sure other (noobs to your bs) players have reported this, at least i hope so. but i have yet to experience this, being a player since April 2nd 2013. can you please fix yet another bs prob with this game?. this one should be simple. unlike where players asked from the get asked for multiple arksalvage breakdown. and instead ya fu*k up and give mass breakdown of weapons/everything. you completely f*cked that request up. so please fix this simple one of episode missions....trion=trion to be smart...