View Full Version : Trion, regarding the Renegade Outfit/Skin

01-27-2014, 01:10 PM

I would have put some SS but it doesnt take a screenshot ingame when i push the key, nor can i paste it in mspaint.

I love the Renegade skin itself, but the part of the model that is put together with the bottom (if so), the part where the shirt hits the lower part. it looks like it sewed together, the shirt should have been 'put out a bit more' so it doesnt look like something from dr. frankenstein. its even worse if you crouch down, the bottom part becomes visible at some points (the character body further out than the shirt itself).

It's a minor thing, but god it annoys me :)

Is it something you could Please 'fix' would be awesome.

PS. if i need to put this thread somewhere else please tell me / or maybe send a ticket ssomehow to Trion?