View Full Version : Returning to Defiance - My Impressions & Changes since DLC1

01-28-2014, 06:17 PM
Hi guys! I was somewhat obsessed with this game at launch. I had high hopes for the game, enjoyed the TV Show and the missions, so I was happy to sink more money into a season pass and bits for Inventory space. Even though this has been the most buggy game I have ever played.

After finishing all the story missions I tried to complete as many pursuits and contracts as possible. My interest waned as the TV show was off air and I got sick of the daily grind. When the first DLC dropped I was further disappointed that there was no more storyline to complete. I'm an Australian PC gamer, So the down times and server restarts are always in my prime gaming time, The high ping is also challenging at times. I have to resort to infectors on competitive play.

So a friend of mine was looking for games we could play together, so he suggested we take another look at defiance. So right now I'm checking out all the new stuff. And it's fun and exciting because of the new stuff to do. I noticed there's quite a few more Co-Op modes. Have only tried one where I joined mid way (Spoiler alert Von Bach is alive).

I rejoined the game at 3600 EGO and everything feels really easy, Haven't played much PVP yet, Have the infectors been nerfed? What are the current OP builds and how are the charge blades doing?

One of my builds seem to be OP as hell, It's the double Sawn-Off Shotguns with preparedness & Overdrive. I used to do a quick 3 round burst. which I thought was pretty cool. Shotgun1, Overdrive-> Shotgun1, Shotgun2. Then RELOAD, Shotgun2, RELOAD, Shotgun2, Shotgun1. etc. I don't know if it's bugged but, preparedness now reloads the holstered weapon in 2 seconds flat! So if you take 1 second to lineup your next shot, you never have to reload your sawn-off. It used to be about 5 - 6 seconds to reload both shells.

Salvage costs are wayyy down, Resetting weapons, adding mod slots etc.
Finally you have added favourites & Mass Breakdowns. It was a pain sorting out 100+ items but it is so worth it for the mass breakdown. The inventory still looks cluttered as hell though.

Overall it seems less buggy, My car seems to go invisible and I get ejected from the vehicle. And I have seen arkbreaks that I can't enter? is this a bug or is there a timelimit where you can no longer enter the interior of the ark break?

I like the addition of spikes, it encourages teamwork. And I love the ammo spike for ark falls. Do they stack in any way, Can you be in range of 2 different spikes and get both bonuses? Can you stack 2 defensive spikes and get double the bonus?

The health stim, Makes things too easy, as if the Respark shield, hide for 2.7 seconds wasn't easy enough, now you can pop an insta heal if you get into trouble.


What happened to blue mods?
They used to be in the lock boxes yeah? I remember using all my keys to get blue mods and hoard good synergy mods in the hope that I can match them up to a nice purple weapon. What do I use my keys for now? more weapons?

Weird question, but Is there any advantage to buying the game on steam? I wouldn't mind adding it to my library, and getting some trading cards out of it. Will my character and DLC content transfer to the Steam version?

That's all I can think of right now. My mod slots should be added now. Back to the arena!