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02-03-2014, 06:00 PM
The issues with Warmaster loot started with its release. Initially, the special loot roll for defeating the Warmaster contained Uncommon and Rare weapons, as well as incorrectly doling out the credit for defeating him. (Only the player who scored the final shot received the token for killing the Warmaster. This meant the pursuit was very hard to complete.) Additionally, the Legendary weapon rewards were weighted ALMOST evenly with the other rarities. This lead to a lot of players getting garbage greens from completing the Warmaster fight, and between 16% and 25% of players that were present for defeating the Warmaster getting Legendary weapons. These two fixes went in at the same time:• Defeating the Volge Warmaster now correctly gives credit to all ark hunters in the encounter.• Cleaned up loot table for Warmaster and arkbreaks to include base versions of cold fire weapons. Their chances of rolling were very low. (In the case of the battle rifle, non-existent.)The first was accomplished by splitting up the “Win” and “Lose” tables into entirely separate tables. (Rather than adding a roll to a different table.) At this time, the Uncommons and Rares were pulled from the “Legendary Chance” loot roll.The second was done simultaneously and went in with the loot pass which made charge weapons, infectors, rocket launchers, and BMGs less common in loot. (And made certain specific weapons incredibly uncommon as an effect.) The effects of these two checkins compounded to make the legendary drop from the Warmaster not a 1 in 20, but a 1 in 100 chance. Since the intention was that each full group of players fighting the Warmaster see between one and two players receiving legendary weapons, this balance was unsustainable. With the 7th Legion update, the legendary drop rate goes to 6%. I’ve seen a lot of talk of the legendary drop rate needing to be much higher than 6% for the Warmaster to compare to other “Raid” content. Comparing the Warmaster fight to a Raid in this fashion is plainly incorrect. You will not find a raid which can be completed in under 15 minutes. While the Warmaster is a “Raid-style” boss, he and his instance do not require near the time investment of a traditional raid. Were the Warmaster to require multiple hours to complete AND something which could only be completed a maximum of once per week, we’d definitely up the rewards. However, given that it is entirely possible to, through clever timing or luck, defeat the Warmaster several times in a single hour, we have no intention of making its rewards comparable to the raid content in other MMOs. On a rewards per hour measure, the Warmaster is still a contender for the most efficient way to earn legendary weapons. You are still earning keycodes, which buy lockboxes, and you are also running a not-insignificant chance of earning legendary weapons which have a boost over similar weapons earned from lockboxes. (As lockboxes never drop the Arkbreaker exclusive weapons.) Also, if you defeat the Warmaster, you are guaranteed an epic Arkbreaker weapon. It has an incredibly generous reward-to-time ratio.

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