View Full Version : dlc3 is a hugh waste of money imo

02-04-2014, 07:01 PM
this dlc is a hugh waste of money imo not worth even downloading (not that you really have a choice though), all they did was change the emergencies in to a group and call them incursions they never actually added anything new to the game to make it more interesting at the very least? the weapons i have seen so far are not even as good as the white weapons you can already get in the game in most cases.

they moved the chat channel up buy the map to block even more of your game view rather than just keeping it in the bottom right of the screen out of view almost completely.

also what happened to the katana sword that people that bought the season pass/dlc were suppose to get and the new toon skins and helmets/masks?

not that i really wanted them anyways since i do not even use the charge blades i have now and have no plans on changing my toon skin either, but since i paid for it it would at least be able to see what the dam things look like in the game. i only seen 1 skin in my inventory and no new head gear.

big deal that they gave people that buy it a few new pursuits, and i literally mean a few a whole 11 that will take a minimum of 3 weeks due to having to complete 5 weekly contracts luckly they seem to give 2 different weekly contract, and the pursuits will give you a whole total of 35 ego rank. and of course you also get 3 new achievements for the xbox 360 version of the game.

all in all it is really not worth paying for, since you can still play the incursions without wasting your money and the weapons are pretty much crap anyways, aside from the few pursuits and 3 achievement there is really nothing in the dlc worth paying for!

it seems like the people that are paying for what Trion like to call dlc is not really getting anything for the money except for less money in their pocket because in all but dlc 1 there was really no exclusive game content to the people that bought the ones out so far to justify a $10 price tag. since as stated about people that don't buy it can pretty much do everything that the people that did buy them aside from the arenas in dlc which imo were realy and no even worth playing more than 1x each anyways just to finish the very short mission content and get the achievements.

the least Trion could have did was throw in at least 1 new crap pvp map that would probably take until dlc 4 comes out to fix and at least 1 new co-op map so at least it looked like they tried to give use new content worth paying for, instead of releasing an game update and calling it dlc.

02-04-2014, 07:18 PM
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