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02-04-2014, 07:06 PM
Well slap my rear and call me shirley.....

i downloaded pathc took about 2 hours. got home at 3pmish got done around 5:30

i made a b-line to the 7th legion vendor at over pass... and hey?? what gives i haz most of theese weapons allready :D

Incursions? i managed to do one... i did not hard freeze like some have said they have but the framerate was very horrible indeed. maybe because of the 800 people that were there is the reason for the major lag and bad framerate. but i have yet to say to date that anything in defiance is unplayable but they as of now pretty much are for me 8(

xbox player... and it's nothing new even just emergencies ending in a seige.

where are theese 7th legion cats? are they ninjas? or sams? they are damn good ninjas if so cuz i cant see em anywhere.

i am sorry if i get forum banned or what not i don't post a lot anyway.... but all for bug fixes just do not see how any of this justifies as a dlc... this should have been just a run of the mill any old day just for shiggles patch. not a dlc.

not impressed also well aware that no one may care.. wich is fine buut wow trion don't give me cap'n crunch for 8 months then one day gimme crunch berries and say it's all new and improved.

this is rehashed content.. plain and simple... i has most of theese weapons all ready... so what they dont have the spiffy sam themed names? so what....

and no trade or sale on the oranges? that was a major fail form the gate. if not im open to how it's not.

also i am not a season pass holder.. this may cause me to loose some friends but if you are a season pass holder don't cry about content you will get no remorse from me sorry.

i have never bought any season pass for any game never have never will... and with defiance i am most glad i did not.

how long was this garbage tested for? 2 or 3 days?

the days of you suckering me out of my money trion are drawing to a conclusion. but to all who are enjoying this horrible horrible DLC by all means have at it!!!

because at the end of the day it's your money just like it was mine and you are free to do what you chose with it.

but just like baseball man sadly i cant really speak for others.... i think trion just struck out... well as far as me and my credit card are concerned they have..... ya know what really irks me is?

i honestly don't think they care it's just a money grab for them at this point. that should just about cover it :D

02-04-2014, 07:09 PM
ya know what really irks me?

I think I do.

02-04-2014, 07:10 PM
I like cheerios.

02-04-2014, 07:17 PM
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