View Full Version : Payed 10$ to not be able to play?

02-07-2014, 10:03 AM
Despite how horrible this game is I wont complain much since it was 10$. However I find it extremely frusterating that I basically can never play it because
1] There is daily maintanence? Who the hell even does this anymore most ppl will do weekly at most
2] Random maintanence, which makes no sense if your doing daily maintanence all issues should constantly be getting resolved
3] and the most important one is THE FKKN GAME NEVER LETS ME LOG IN "Critical- The defiance servce is not available. Please try again later." I mean wtf your servers just complete ****? Or is there only 1 server that you think you can cram everyone onto so only a handful are lucky enough to play at a time
I have played bad games before everyone has but to hardly even be able to log into this game EVER is complete bs.
Please don't make another game stick to your ONLY one that was decent (Rift) and then go **** your self Trion