View Full Version : to my clan!!

02-08-2014, 01:24 AM
so. my time here is over.
it was fun while i could play.
it is time for me to move on and move away.
i'm leaving behind.
a broken dream.
of a game that i thought would be something.
but now i am off.
to travel along.
the road of gaming that is my home.
ill be around in the forum.
stalking the posts.
keeping in touch.
like most.
but i wont be here.
not in the game.
ill be alive.
and be just fine.
when the time comes.
ill probably revive.
but till this game is better.
im saying good bye.

so if you want. removed me from the clan. i know how to find you any time i can. ill be around here and there. to my most fave friends. have no fear. ill keep you all in my heart. and in my mind. looking back on all our good times. so to my clan. ill miss you all.

but to this game.it can, GO SUCK MY { Censored }!!

:D peace out sinn has left the building .





http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eisW0skJ9fU < the best good bye i have :D