View Full Version : Grenade loot drops are taunting me. The RNG has got to be prog'd like that.

02-18-2014, 09:50 AM
Anybody else notice that after you throw the last grenade in your stack, odds are the piles of grenades all over the ground at a firefight are something (anything) OTHER than the one you have in your loadout?

I keep seeing grenade loot, and whichever stack I have equipped is usually empty after I suck up all the loot.

I understand random number generators, and this has a feeling of bias.

I've done some off the cuff 'tracking' while running the couple days around the loot boost, and while less likely during the loot boost weekend, I've entered and exited emergencies and fights with my loadout stack empty. I specifically point out that when I have entered and exited empty - I did NOT pick them up and use them to return to empty. They never reloaded.

They stayed empty much more of the time than I'd have expected considering how many multiples of non-loadout-equipped stacks I can loot-scrap for arksalvage after fights.

Has anyone else made any mental notes?