View Full Version : Voice Acting & Port & hopes

04-02-2013, 03:53 PM
Just got home from work, had a nice dinner, fired up the PC, watched the first intro, the good news is it can only get better, I hope.

When you have the camera pan in on a character who looks to be 40+, a scarred veteran, you don't expect that character to sound like a 25 year old lowering his voice. Then the other dude looking like the guy from the Matrix.

I had to reimagine the scene with Michael ironside as the vet, and the matrix dude since I couldn't see anybody else doing the voice as I saw him looking back behind lifeless video game eyes.

I really hope TRION adds more graphical options for the game. I turned them up to high, and the game looks fine, but, PC...need I say more? As a fan of Rift, I am slightly disappointed by just the intro, I really expected more. I get the multiplatform development thing, but I think a company whose first game was a PC game, and a successful one would give more to the PC gamer community.

Just my 2 cents, I just started making the character, I know gameplay is where it's at and was happy to see mappable controls, so I trust trion in that regard.