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02-28-2014, 04:20 PM
These notes are extremely raw, and are subject to both changes and additions. Defiance 1.4 Gunslinger Trials DLC Features:

New Cinemas and Storyline

3 New Mission Lines - With their Von Bach missing and presumed dead, and the company in disarray, three executives scramble to hold Von Bach Industries together.

9 new Co-op Arenas


The General
The Adversary
The Jester
The Colonel


White Hat
Old Faithful
Black Hat
Colonel's Hat
The General


Legendary Weapon Kit
Von Bach Gunslinger Cache

Bug Fixes:

Added scoring events and end screens to conflict sites, coop maps, and arkbreaks.
Removing PvP Rep (Echelon) requirement for a PVE Pursuit Pursuits > Season One> EGO Evolution > EGO Evolution VI
Fixed potential crash leaving an instance when a group member leaves early
Removed from the MAIN MAP the following icons, Battleground, Shadow War, Coop

NPCs are still in their respective locations and UI access remains the same

Real fix for clan rename
Removed ground loot drops from arkfall bosses.
Added support for private chat. When you are in private chat the quick menu will have a leave private chat option now. You can only be in one private chat at a time now. There is a private chat text channel and you can filter on private chat.
Arenas can now be played cooperatively with up to 4 players

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