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03-05-2014, 08:00 PM
Hi guys, I have some answers from Trick for you. :)Hot Issues1. San Francisco Incursion: Could we get an update or timeline for improvements to the San Francisco incursion spawn rate?An increase in its frequency will not be addressed for a couple months at the soonest. It will continue to be the rarest dynamic event in the game.2. Disappearing Vehicles: Can we get a status update on the disappearing vehicles issue?Still haven't made progress in resolving the issue, although we continue to work on it. It's deeply seated in our method for keeping characters in memory.3. Gunslinger Alpha: Why is the server availability never announced?Even once we deploy to alpha, we’re still the in the process of addressing major issues and bugs. We do not push to alpha until Defiance is ready for public testing. We’re not going to define a date until we know what that date is. Sometimes, often, that’s the same day we unlock alpha.4. Can we have DLC credit? It's never available for any DLC we have tested until we ask.We give the current DLC to every player with an existing game account on alpha.GUNSLINGER DLC5. Is Gunslinger going to introduce new Contracts?While there are no contracts specific to the Gunslinger DLC, we're looking at updating the 7th Legion ones in light of the difficulty in completing the San Fran incursion.6. Are Gunslinger outfits going to follow the 7th Legion DLC model?Yes. However, there is a pursuit for DLC players to get “The General” outfit. Also, the Gunslinger supply chest is available from the VBI vendor for anyone that has competed the Gunslinger missions. As such, earning the Gunslinger outfits does not require the completion of new open world events. (Just the missions.)PLANS7. When is hardcore mode coming and what are the details of this?We cannot discuss details of any content coming after the Gunslinger Trials. As soon as we can share more info, we will!8. Are there plans to change incursion rewards to be based on damage done and healing done throughout the WHOLE incursion rather than simply the siege part?Yes! Please check incursions out on alpha right now, they've been updated in light of this.9. Destroy the red crystal major arkfalls were removed. Can these make a comeback?Probably not. They are incredibly broken both with progression-stopping bugs and with the general imbalance of encouraging players to pound on a defenseless target.10. Before, Contracts would award partial credit for completing some of the requirement but not all. Can these make a comeback?Nothing has changed with how contracts provide their rewards. However, there is an issue with progression being preserved when the same exact contract is chosen multiple times in a row. This is what you are experiencing with the 7th Legion contracts.REQUESTS11. With vendors Top-notch, VBI, Soleptor, and 7th Legion weapons, mods, and shields being non tradable could you give us a small storage so we may trade these items in between our own ark hunters?After Gunslinger goes live, new items acquired from rep vendors will be tradable.12. Could we have a chat text box in the trade window please?That would make sense-- we'll take a look at adding this, but no guarantees.13. Could you please do something about the mass of effects on the screen from BMGs and other weapons?We don't have any plans to alter the visuals from any weapons.14. Could we get a loyalty bonus the longer a player consecutively logs in?That’s what the daily Ark Hunter rewards are for! They really add up.15. Can one of the weekly contracts (the one that's worth most rep) be changed to complete X amount of incursions, instead of requiring the san francisco incursions that spawn infrequently?We’re looking at changing some of the contracts, though there will still be one which requires the San Fran incursion.PVP16. Can you explain the hidden tier system in pvp? It appears that there is some sort of hidden rating system present for the more active pvp players.There has been since launch a rating system in PvP. We’re continuing to improve our matchmaking system, and one improvement we’re making is to remove that system.Misc17. Arkbreaker Patch notes: "The main world has been split into 2 segments the Northern Bay Area and San Francisco. This will allow more players per server! As a result, there is now a loading screen when crossing the Golden Gate bridge." I've yet to ever see a loading screen crossing the bridge. Is this still in effect or did you find a way to make it work without the loading screen?After issues with live matchmaking, we disabled this feature.Follow Up18. You mentioned two weeks ago that you would try and add the fast travel to clan members feature to the schedule, is there an update on this?We still don't have an exact ETA for when this could be added; it’s not scheduled for this DLC or the next. Around the start of Season 2 of the show is a more reasonable timeframe for this addition, due to the engineering time it'd need.LORE19. From my understanding Syphon Weapons is one of the few energy weapons created by humans, is this fact correct?Syphon weapons were developed by the EMC during the Pale Wars, though Indogene had developed a similar Votan tech. Since the Pale Wars, Von Bach Industries and other Earth Republic developers have created their own energy and plasma weapons.20. Is there a description of the military academy? Observatory, Waterfront and Freight Yard all have a nice little description of what they used to be/are but military academy's description is simply 'military academy'.Hah! You get a bit of that from the Gunslinger missions, but we’d missed that it lacked a proper description.

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