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03-07-2014, 03:40 PM
OK this one should be fixed in the next update.Thanks again Fuzzle.
Score not appearing, and being unable to complete the arenaRepro steps for Arena 6:1: Use character 1 to invite character 2 into a group.2: Accept invite on character 2.3: Go to Arena 6 and join with character 1.4: Accept the join with character 2.5: When the cut scene comes up with character 2, hit escape to skip it.6: Then hit escape to skip the cut scene on character 1.I did this about 5 times, and the score was broken every single time for character 1. I would then leave, and rejoin with character 1, and character 1 would play the cut scene again. (This usually doesn't happen if you have already entered it before, leave, and re-join).Also to note, although I only gave it a quick try, this didn't seem to be the case when skipping Dekuso's cut scene.Edit: Some extra details after trying it again after the reset.If this bug happens and I run off and start killing things immediately, I can't seem to get the score to come back. I even completed it without ever getting a rewards screen. At the start when I run off and shoot things I can hear on my other game the countdown for "3 2 1".When I waited at the start though, the score UI will later show up near the mini map at the upper right, and start counting score. If i opened my character screen and closed it, that score would move from the upper right to the mid right where the arena score typically is and appear to be working fine.

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