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03-11-2014, 09:00 AM

Thorn Liro Arenas can now be played cooperatively with up to 4 players.
Fixed potential crash leaving an instance when a group member leaves early.
Removed from the MAIN MAP the following icons, Battleground, Shadow War, Co-op

The NPCs are still in their respective locations, and UI access remains the same

Updated logic for stacked map icons near fast travel points. More icon types will now stack like merchants.
Mod vendors now have useful names.
Fixed many issues related to server lag caused by characters loading.
Contracts which require a certain DLC will now say so if you lack the DLC.


Added support for private chat.

When you are in private chat the quick menu will have a leave private chat option now.
You can only be in one private chat at a time now.
There is a private chat text channel and you can filter on private chat.


Increased drop rate of outfits from the 7th Legion supply kits.
Lockbox items purchased with reputation are now tradable.
Removed Echelon Rep requirement from EGO Evolution I.
Fixed an issue where players would not be credited for kills from infector bugs or from explosive barrels.
Fixed a small issue with one of the Biohazard headgears.


Real fix for clan rename - for realsies.
Removed ground loot drops from certain arkfall bosses.
Removed mutants from inside the walls near Checkpoint Delta. It was cruel to leave them in there.
The Volge Violence pursuit no longer increments at non-Volge Sieges.
Other activities in the same area as a siege are now properly restored if the siege shuts down due to lack of player participation.
Various fixes for random number generator acting inappropriately.

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