View Full Version : Combat Style! Soooooo last season....

03-13-2014, 04:23 PM
101 keys.. great fun. though theres a big guy hiding himself behind the last fence.

now im sure its been addressed but im gonna have my say anyway.

after spending a few hours trying to figure out how to get the gold in both ridgecrest and dekuso
i am a little baffled as to what is being asked of me. i know the scoring system is geared at teamwork.
and as a group we tried multiple times to do what we assumed was required of us.
but basically... we run out of raiders every time.
perhaps there is a trick to it as it is, or perhaps its got some bugs.
but gone are the days you could tackle the entire instance at once, dominate your foes with actual skill and be rewarded for it?
be it in a group with nano "limitations", or applying a nonstop (very entertaining) bloodbath at high speed,
we dont seem to be able to "please the GODS" by succeeding.

the team that dominates together, fails together!
its like being asked to dumb down our efficiency in ways that are not explained.
sure the player base will provide the details once its all nutted out.
but as far as my personal play style goes, in some scenarios im at a loss.
tactical sounds good and all, but when your in a single room and running out of cover, biding your time to get enough enemies to show up just to earn the points before the boss is killed too soon i have to question if this is working as intended. ive never counted scores or percentages in this game, i just play it my way, i dont care about epic loots to be honest but limiting my capacity to fit the criteria isnt going to work for me.

send me a sign o GODS of Trion, what is it you ask of me?!