View Full Version : this is still an ALPHA..

04-02-2013, 05:10 PM
i had huge respect for Trion, however i have lost it now. this is nothing like the quality i experienced from Rift, hell this feels like something from Sergey Titov (The War Z) - a cash grab.

* forums look like some free software, i swear it feels like they are not even trying to make this game look good
* clicking settings crashes the game
* still cant scroll in certain interfaces
* half assed PC UI
* bad launch (servers going crashing, game codes not working)
* inspecting does not work
* chat window is stupid, feels like theres no socializing at all
* 4 player co-op missions disabled
* arkfall loot disabled
* no bank
* no trading
* no auction house

I played beta and it feels like nothing has changed, in fact it has only gotten worse. there is nothing to do in this game, its basically a third person shooter with slightly more players online. theres no proper MMO elements built in, the character and gear progression are so bad.

it has such huge potential, but its release is absolutely shocking, i barely play because theres nothing worth playing for..

maybe a DLC will change all of this, but its going to get bad ratings for this launch. this might be acceptable on consoles as an 'MMO' but not for PC