View Full Version : [Suggestion] Point system!

04-02-2013, 07:43 PM
This suggestion is going to be hard to understand for some.

I used to play a game called "Subspace". It was a spaceship shooter for very old computer systems. Online multiplayer, competitive...

The only thing you had in Subspace was:

1.) Your ship
2.) Your name
3.) Your points

Every server was just one big map, a name list sorted by how many points they had. This signified the dedication they had to the game and partially there skill. It was just entertaining.

I scratch my head when I think of this and MMO's. I have never seen a single MMO adopt this system. I think all MMO's should have a system like this.

In this game, it could be like this:

Kill a monster +1
Complete a quest +5
Complete an Arkfall +10
Loot an item +1
Salvage an item +1
Kill a boss +5

The server could keep track of all the data and send it to the website where there could be a simple point leaderboard.

What does it mean? Nothing... It is just fun to have these sort of things. And for bragging rights.