View Full Version : Do the same bonuses from different perks stack?

04-05-2014, 02:15 PM
Back last summer when I was playing with sword, the bonuses from Thick Skinned, Juggernaut, Detachment and Cellular Armor stacked. But I'd swear that in autumn, I read somewhere that that was nerfed and it is no longer possible to stack the same bonus from different sources. True or false?

Also, do Hyperactive and Escape Artist interact somehow?

On kinda unrelated noted, does this (http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?123234-Recap-Charge-Blades) still apply, or did things change? It seems to work for me, just asking if some improvements were invented in last half a year.


04-05-2014, 04:02 PM
Damage Reduction's only protect a player from what they are designed to do. So Rear Guard 30% less damage from behind will not stack with Fortified Stance 15% to make a 45% damage reduction from getting shot in the back. Rear Guard will act on its own independently.

The perk which has greater damage reduction will be called to protect you from whatever situation it calls for.

So for instance I use Cellular Armor 6% damage reduction and In the Trenches 15% less damage when lower then the enemy. If the circumstances are right and Im lower then the enemy then In the Trenches will kick in when Im shot and protect me on its own by itself. If on leveled ground or anywhere else and I get shot then Cellular Armor will take effect and protect me on its own. So its not a bad idea to have more then one damage reduction perk since they are all made to protect you in different scenarios.

The only things that do stack is 1 Damage Reduction from any one Perk, 1 a Damage Reduction from a shield bonus, 1 and Damage Reduction from a weapon bonus.

And I don't think Hyperactive and Escape can stack to make a 90% increase speed boost.

Weapon Damages do stack.

I hope this made sense.