View Full Version : Trion: I have a major request that can fix issue!

Punisher Illinois Blue
04-13-2014, 02:39 AM
We are having trouble trading weapons because of ego level requirements. I was thinking now would be a good time to ether add a ark mod feature that allows a player to set a weapons level to that players exact level if that weapon is higher in level.

OR make a defiance store feature that allows us to set the level of the gun too our character level.

Last but not least have higher level weapons given to lowerlevel character have an option to automatical change its level to the player characters level.

Besides trading I would love to have all my weapons have a triple 7 at the end of their level. Seriously Trion I could get end up like Kenny when died in the South Park ep "I should never have gone zip-lineing" if I can't make the last numbers be 7. I have bad ocd about the number 7.

I dont know if I can play Defiance anymore out of fear I will go over my 3777 level after you say yes to more controlable changes that alow you too also change the 10 number and 1s number. Even if you say no to this feature you might change your mind in the future.

Ps I would have put this question in a live chat topic but I dont think we do question lists anymore.