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04-15-2014, 03:09 PM
If everyone quits then Trion can finally close its doors or perhaps work on another game. Maybe this was their plan all along.
I have sat here reading post after post. Correction, I sat here reading complaint after complaint.
I have even read post after post about what people have stated about the NEW IMPROVED game.
The majority have informed TRION they were making a mistake, all but the most hardcore 5000+ EGO players that want a harder game. With no regard to the average game player.
TRION persisted and released the new game.
I have read post after post of people calling it quits.
I already knew the game would be unplayable for me, a person that has played many games and become addicted to them. Being able to achieve the required goals for trophies.
I never was able to achieve all the required goals but continued to try.
I even voiced my concerns and complaints.
I have decided to go back to the less frustrating, LONGER MORE FULFILLING CHASE games that Wargaming.net has put out on the market. Back to the MMOPHs I am great at.
I am not even going to attempt to download the new DLC after reading so many complaints and seeing that TRION seems to ignore their players.
Trion may not be closing their doors, but I know I can close mine.

Thanks for keeping me occupied for a couple of months and a chance to try something new.
For me, it is back to the skies on my PC and my 75 % win rate.

If Defiance had a win rate ( kill to death ratio ) I would have to say mine was around 45 %

04-15-2014, 03:12 PM
Hi everyone,

We understand and respect that sometimes people will leave the Defiance community. Overwatch, we're closing this thread now but we wish you the very best.

If anyone has questions or concerns about this thread closure, please feel free PM a member of the Community Team.

Thank you!