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04-16-2014, 09:21 AM
By this time I could have written 6 pages on this new DLC for the Forum but I am not going to – instead – I wanted to discuss how the Nano Changes & Weapon Type Advantages have changed the Trading Game in Defiance. All the topics below are approached as they relate to Trading in Defiance.

(I originally posted this in the PS3 Trade Forum but was reminded that no one goes there anymore. LOL)

Bio – Why is this the ONLY nano that does damage against Armor Plates? It does it remarkably fast and works pretty well even on Health. It seems this Nano did indeed become the go to Nano…well at least for opening an enemy up. I personally use a high rate of fire pistol (VOT Blaster) for this role as I don’t need extended fire to take down Armor; even at 8 Plates just a few shots will do it.

Fire – This is a great Nano for finishing foes. I level foes the moment their armor is gone and health is exposed. This is my main weapon – the health bars on foes take a varying amount of damage but for most enemies it seems to be the “biggest bar” to take down. The Armor & Shield bars put together I’d venture do not take as much damage to eliminate as the health bar does.

Radiation – I am not sure on this one. I’d like some input from Radiation users, I need to Arkforge the heck outta my Radiation ARs before testing…and since I won’t be able to get the DLC till April 29…well. My Triple Crit, Orange Fire Rate, Radiation Assassin FRC Assault Carbine is itching to get some use.

Syphon – Poor Syphon (for High EGO). Yay Syphon (for Low EGO). I have heard the defenders. Syphon now gives health per bullet. I have heard the detractors – Syphon now gets a ridiculous Damage nerf right off the bat. I think this has become the Nano that most low EGO characters should be using. It will keep you alive when the threat level becomes 10. For a High EGO character you shouldn’t need the siphoned health as much at all and the damage output should be more of a concern, imo. But I could see the argument for a High EGO player using a low capacity shield and a Syphon weapon – especially if you were playing an Expert Co-Op.

Electric – Poor electric got the mega-nerfing. It is no good for finishing an enemy off with the ridiculous damage penalty to health (even with the Perk you’ll be at -45% DMG to health). It is no good for starting an enemy since with Armor they withstand your shots quite a bit before your +70% DMG to Shields kicks in. So you have this Electric sweet spot that you have to aim for and then immediately switch to something else because it’s only going to pick at their health. I don’t see a benefit to carrying an Electric Weapon anymore…LAME, LAME, LAME.

No Nano – Wow. No nano is useful. In fact I have removed converter mods from some weapons and found that they become more deadly. No Nano weapons should have an Armor Plate benefit, imo, especially since no other Nano’s get one. I need to test these weapons more.

Let’s hear it for 10% EGO on Full Reload - With the emptying of entire mags regardless of size this has now become one of my favorite rolls ever. Sure, 10% EGO on Crit Kill is still good but with the amount of ammo single enemies take EGO on Full Reload – heck, ANYTHING on Full Reload just got a heckuva lot more useful.

Let’s hear it for 25% Stowed on Kill – This has never been a favorite roll of mine. Since the Post Patch removal of the Self-Revive and Melee rolls this roll and the 15% Grenade DMG are my least favorite. But now? Well since I find myself practically always using a secondary weapon to take advantage of Nano benefits this actually has a lot of use. Your primary weapon refilling your secondary or vice versa is going to be an advantage as you need not run to the Ammo box every few minutes.

Poor Zagger – This actually applies to a lot of weapons. All the heavy damage, slow firing weapons have all just taken a nosedive in usefulness. I saw a player take 30 Zagger blasts to kill an Apex (?) Volge Trooper. He was running around in Blur and speed boost – blasting it front, back, and side to side – it was tickling the Volge; I think I may have even heard it laugh.

Shields - Regarding the Shield change - this is a HUGE development that, if they leave it as is, makes the following true: You don't want any IV or V shields right now. They are AWFUL compared to the other orange shields of their type.

ALL Orange Rebels & Resparks now have a 2.4 Delay.
ALL Orange Hurricanes now have a 90% Recharge.

There is no reason to go with a "V" shield. Even a "IV" shield is better than a "V" now...

...and ANY Orange shield with an accessory stat (Reloader, Regen, Contender, Booster, Energizer, Fortifier, Charger etc.) is going to be better than a IV or a V. Keep that in mind Arkhunters.

So these are just some of my observations so far, please feel free to chime in, disagree, or agree. Just please keep the Trion trolling to a minimum -- I know, I know, I know, save it for another thread.

04-16-2014, 09:50 AM
...snippy snip snip...

I have a zagger with bio nano. This is my go to for taking an enemy's armor away. I find it to be great for that and then switch to my other weapon to finish them off. With the "reload 9% of stowed weapon per second" perk (or whatever it is), I find that when I switch back to my zagger to take off the armor of another enemy, my gun is already reloaded and good to go. So I use the zagger for a quick armor reducing, no reloading, beast.

As far as your comment on electric nano... totally agree. What's the point now? Perhaps in a group of enemies, all with shields, it might work to shoot one and hope that it procs to the nearby enemies and starts to deplete their shields too. If it could do this, I could see a real benifit to electric weapons in tight spots.

What I've seen with radiation: if you happen to have a high rate of fire weapon with a nice sized mag (100+) with radiation, it can be a great support weapon. As your teammates will be tearing through things using mostly bio and fire, the radiation (in large mags) does a sort of "basic" lasting damage to enemies. So while your friend over there is reloading their bio weapon to finish an enemies armor, the radiation gun is constantly doing some good damage that will continue once the enemy's armor is gone... There is no need to switch from bio gun to fire gun, so you can be doing a nice constant damage all the time... again, a good support role.

About your non-nano weapon comments: I don't think that non-nano weapons should have an armor plate benefit to them. I think only bio weapons should. HOWEVER, I do think that non-nano weapons should be a good "middle ground" weapon and that ALL weapons should deplete armor, bio should just be better at it. I didn't happen to see it work that way last night. It basically seemed like if you didn't hit an enemy with bio, they always had their armor, even up until death. That shouldn't be the case.

In other news, I find the "15% grenade damage after kill" a good roll for a gun now. My grenades seem to be doing awesome damage (in relation to my guns) and since I can reload my grenades much quicker now, I am throwing them more. That being the case, I really took advantage of that roll in Advanced co-ops and such last night.