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With Erik asking us to introduce ourselves for possible alpha keys, I thought it would be cool to introduce my arkfall character in this little mini-blog. Enjoy!

My name is Tyren, and this is my story. My parents were one of the first to believe in peace between humanity and this alien race. My father's past was a mystery, but I had heard stories that he was once a great man that hailed from a place known as the Bay Area, he was a hero to many and had saved many lives during the Pale Wars. My earliest memories of my father were he and my mother sitting around a fire telling wild tales of things others only imagined. I thought the stories were amazing and that my dad had the wildest imagination. It wasn't until years later that I realized his stories weren't made up at all....

As a child, I was teased for my Irathian blood. My father was one of the first in our town to have an stellar-racial relationship. When I was 4, my mother died. Father would never tell me what killed her, but after that day he became a changed man. When I was 7 he taught me how to shot my first pistol. I thought I was the coolest kid in your compound. One day on my way home from the market, a couple of other kids started to tease me. They chased my all the way back to our house. I ran inside and locked the door. As the anger welled up inside me, I ran to my fathers room, unlocked the drawer where my father kept his pistol, always by where he sleep. As I proceded to the door, a hand reached out and stopped me.

"I know what you plan to do...." the voice said to me. "Children will be children, but no child of mine with stoop to the level of ignorance displayed by hate." Eyes blurred with fury and sadness, my hands were bound by strength I had never felt. I could feel the gun being wrestled away from my fingers. When I looked up at my father, my eyes begged the question why. He looked down and me and I remember his smile. So relaxing and relieving. He patted me on the head and directed me to the kitchen. "I made your favorite for lunch," he said. After that day it wasn't long before dad had announced we were moving. I wrestled for days with him to get him to tell me where we were moving to, yet all I could muster out of him was a single world. Defiance. The kids had talked about a city to the east called Defiance, but I would never know how serious dad was until the day we arrived. Defiance felt like home. The city was mixed with different species and races, all working together. At least that's what my child eyes saw. Dad had found us a nice place right outside of town.

We would call Defiance our home for the next 20 years. Until that fateful day....

I remember it like yesterday. My birthday had just passed a few weeks back. Me and dad had been fighting the night before because I wanted to join the militia to help protect the town. A lot of our fights had been like that lately. I would ask him, "why teach me all these things if not to protect the ones I care about." He would say, "son, being brave isn't going around looking for a fight, it's knowing when to fight, and when to spare a life." I never understood what he meant, but our time in Defiance had made dad a respectable man. There were always dignitaries coming by the house, wanting to talk to him, wanting advice. It had always been this way growing up. They would go into a back room and dad would talk to them, and then they would come out. They would nod at me on the way out, my eyes filled with curiosity. Whenever I questioned him about what he talked about he would always say, "the goings of the world are not for you. When you are ready, they'll come to you instead of me."

Today would be different though. Dad rarely left the house but if he did he was never gone for too long. Today however he had left early. Earlier than I usually like to get up. The sun wouldn't let me stay in bed any longer though, and was going to make sure, I made use of its time. As I strode into the kitchen there was a note on the table. "Will be back tonight." I knew something was out of the ordinary, but I dismissed it as I went about my morning duties. It was my turn to cook tonight, and we were missing some ingredients. On my way into town I had noticed a large group of militia driving towards the outskirts of town. It was normal to see a car or two, but 5 vans, packed with soldiers. My thoughts lingered hoping for the day I might convince him to let me join. On my way home I would see another of these caravans. This is where I remembered my suspicious begin to grow. Dad had never been away from the house this long, and if he were I was usually with him.

I arrived home as my mind begin to wonder of the comings and goings of people. What could create such a stir in the town. I would find out later that night. Hours had went by, and my father hadn't returned. The sun had set and night had already befallen the city. A raspy knock came at the door. Finally, I thought. I stepped quick to the door to open, only, my father wasn't there. Four men stood, and my mind raced. Father had always taught me to steel myself in the face of danger. I expected the worse and was prepared. I took a step back into our house. As the four men entered in pair, they parted down the middle to reveal a woman, a human that I had seen before. "Can I help you?" I blurted out, forgetting my manors. "My name is Amanda Rosewater, you are Tyren are you not?" The words escaped my mouth almost as though breaking down the walls of a prison. "I am. How do you know my name?" Father would have smacked me for my rudeness, but I would not be caught off-guard. Little did I know that the next few sentences out of her mouth would change my life forever. "Tyren, your father and I are... well, were very old friends. It is with a heavy heart and unbelievable sadness that I have to inform you, he died today." Really it was the last three words I heard over and over again in my head. Amanda had said more but to this day I don't remember.

The next couple of days were all a blur in my head. Visitors came regularly to see me. Wanted advice on how to handle certain situations. I sent them away with none. How could I possibly give others advice when I myself was still a child. I remember the funeral. It seemed as though everyone throughout Defiance had come. People I had never met were giving me condolences. "Is this what you meant father?" The question I would ask myself every night as I stared at the cieling. Awake with thoughts of him. When I did sleep, nothing but dreams of him.

Two weeks had passed sense the funeral, and wallowing around the house was getting me know where. Amanda had stopped by a couple of times, her bodyguards in tow, but she never stayed more then 10 minutes. When I woke today, I opened to door to my fathers room. It was probably the hardest thing I had ever done. Going through the door I felt as though he was still there. I quickly turned hearing the door shut, but there was nothing. My mind was playing tricks on me, and rightfully so. "What do I do know father?" I thought. As I rummaged through some of the papers on his desk I noticed a strange looking device. Small and circular, all black, with very strange markings on it. Dad had taught me a little of the old Irathian language, and what I made out said. "For you, always I love." As my fingers clasped around the device it suddenly begin to vibrate. I opened my hands to find starring at me a holographic image of my father. What came next was very unexpected. They hologram begin to speak.

"Son if you have found this, and you are hearing this, then I am dead. Sorry. I always intended for you to have this. It was your mothers. I loved her very much and I loved you very much...."

The tears begin to well up in me, and strangely so did anger. "How could he keep this from me I thought? Why would he hide this? Did he think I wouldn't be able to take care of it?" The hologram went on to tell my father's story. How his years in the pale wars had changed him, but when he found mom, everything dark in his life changed. When I was born, it said, was the happiest day of his life. This hologram today me the truth about my mother. She hadn't died from disease, but had been murdered. Her life stolen, snuffed out by a band of mutants, Earth's Military Coalition that became deformed from the Arkfalls to hit the west coast of the United States.

"Son, my goal was to raise you as best I could. I am sorry that I never told you the truth about your mother, and I am sorry the last few years of my life weren't as special to you as I wanted them to be. But I only had your best interest as heart. I didn't want you to join the Militia because I didn't want you to follow in my foot steps. I wanted you to live the life that you wanted. To be the man that I raised you to be. Live your life son, not for me or for your mother, but for yourself. Find what makes you... You. Remember son, being brave isn't about going around looking for a fight, it's knowing when to fight to protect those you love, and when... to spare a life." With that the device cease to exist. It went back to its circular un-alive shape. No light, no noise, just nothing. I sat there pondering why my father had kept so much from me. Why he didn't believe in me enough to tell me the truth, and had it not been for the creek in the floor I probably would have sat there the entire day. It was Amanda. This time without the bodyguards. Alone and looking much more like a human.

"I'm sorry to barge in on you like this. Your father was a friend of mine. Helped me get to where I'm at, and always knew how to make me smile. It was me who recommended he come to the city of Defiance and it appears that it has grown on you well. Look Tyren..." she slowly stepped more into the room, removing her hands from her pockets. "I know what it's like to lose a parent. I lost both of mine in the Pale Wars. I raised my little sister as best I could, but she had questions that I could not always answer. If you have questions, seek your answers. Maybe, just maybe, they will give you the closer you need." She watched me there for a moment, standing a foot in front of the doorway, then she turned to exit. As she strode through the doorway to leave back down the hallway, I caught her make eye-contact. She hesitated. "Your father was proud of you. Always was. He admired the man you had grown to become. Don't lose that." And with that she was gone.

(Two weeks later)

With what little I could sell from father's house, and a little donation from Amanda, I was able to save up enough to buy a ride to the fabled Bay Area. I remember the stories my father used to tell, his time spent travelling the shores of the bay area. I don't know what I will find there, but before I left Defiance, Amanda told me of the Arkfalls that still occur in that area. I can see why dad favored her so much. She really has a charm about her. I keep dads last message to me tucked away safely. Sometimes taking it out to and listening to it for hours. I found it has a mute button and sometimes I will activate just to keep that image of him in my head. I don't know what I will find when I get there, but I know this is the path that I wanted. And I only have one person to thank for it. Thanks dad. I love you.


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awsome brilliant backstory

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Just thought I'd do it since Erik was asking for intro's. I got inspired.

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great story and nice writing, love to read more!

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woot woot, rp server here you come! good job, nicely thought out.