View Full Version : Arkfall ideas

04-22-2014, 04:45 AM
I know that i should be posting in suggestions thread of this but since not many post in there but I thought i'd post a couple of thoughts regarding arkfalls.

1 - Hellbug Matron should be added to arkfall boss 7th legion contract
I noticed that whenever the arkfall boss contract shows up the hellbug majors that appear have a higher likelyhood of being "Mother of all Hellbugs" rather than either "Revolting Hellbugs" or "Hellbug Uprising" and seeing this several times in a row does annoy people looking to finish contract

2 - Arkfall fragments added to the hud/map
I know these last only a few minutes but i believe that these should be added to the hud or map the reason why is that i've been doing the threat 10 mutant minigunners/grenadiers part of the snake's fang 2 pursuit and as soon as they show they vanish because an fragment has landed nearby not only is it a loss of xp and scrip but adds to finding another mutant emergency that contains minigunners or grenadiers.

I know that I can use conflict sites but unless their contracts the threat is low though as i'm currently leveling up before attempting expert co-op maps

3 - Different enemies at minor arkfalls
I know not many fight minor arkfalls unless high threat levels or need to finish snake's fang pursuit but it does become a bore when hellbugs show up at every non-hellbug minor arkfall mixing it up with other enemies for example fighting a mutant minor arkfall and raiders show up not only would this allow variety but makes the arkfall more challenging and fun to complete

What you guys think?