View Full Version : Why I'm here... this time

04-23-2014, 07:34 AM
Ya yuck it yup ;) You all that know me know I have been playing off and on since the alpha; more off then on. But the day 1.5 was dropped my twitter account caught on fire with posts on the defiance twitter account, so I had to check it.

I need a brake from Carrara 8.5 anyway. I have a large park scene that for some reason has locked it x axis, I can move items along the Z and Y though :confused: The pool scene is giving me fits, I just can't get the shader right for the pool water. The 50second drunk is being a PITA trying to sync the animations. And until DAZ finds a way to pin parts of soft body models to themselves, the soft cloth draping is practically useless; DAZ shirts have buttons that need to stay attached to and drape with the shirt. So I really needed to get my head out of that for a while so why not go kill some stuff; virtually ;)

So I came back to this folderol.
I like and hate the scaling. By myself I have a TL of 2; just under 2K ego. I can handle up to a TL of 4; which actually feels comfortable. At a TL of 6 things can get out of hand fast. I can deal with the grunts if there isn't too many, but forget anything above a common mob. At ten I would be better off just leaving, I'll end up losing my score otherwise. What this means is I'd rather solo or just play with people of an equivalent ego.

Now with all I gripe, piss, and moan about this game why do I keep coming back? Because the core game play is addictive. I love the free roam, I love just jumping in a vehicle and goofing off; seeing how far, high, or long I can stay airborne. I like the missions, I can have a lot of fun with the same site just using different tactics. Or I used to wait for a few others to show up before I started one; not now. I love the look and atmosphere of the game; but I hate how stacked everything is.

I haven't bought a DLC, I don't see the value of them; as in I think they are over priced for what you get. Now I would by a map expansion; depending on price and size. But as much as I like this game there is too much I don't like to put much money in it.

The big revamp needs a big revamp. I'm not sure why they reskinned most all the enemies, some look good, some look ludicrous; volge Xmas tree decorations anyone? The infected now look more like aliens monsters then infected people. Blew the undead slaying for me lol If they are going to revamp the looks of something why not start with the characters. The show has plenty of costumes to chose from. And I'd love to see the costume select broke down a bit more. Make back, hand, and shoes separate. Would definitely add more personalization to the characters.

Now if I come back to this game over and over, if I'm such a glutton for punishment, the least the people of Trion/Defiance could do is the same. ;) If I have a patch on one eye, and a twisted ankle please don't make me stumble around in the dark. As in Trion, you have blacked my eye, and stomped on my foot, the least you could do is turn on a light :D