View Full Version : Lag still a major issue even after your investigation and tweeks.

04-24-2014, 06:38 PM

Noticed more lag than before in these areas

Driving during shadow war
Soleptor co op
Shadow war

I died in shadow war and had to watch the person who killed me in a kill cam till I had to leave the match.
(it would have let me watch my opponent the entire game. I watched for about 2 minutes till I eventually left and rejoined)

People im fighting will fall through the map float in the air etc.

During my co ops it would be so laggy I couldn't switch weapons, and I would just die.

sieges same issue has co ops

I reset my connection because of lag but the issues still persisted.

Are these issues really being resolved? the link I posted didn't give any notion of other than we're monitoring it.

it did say you removed the latest patch but I seriously doubt tweeking the nano effects was the cause of the lag.