View Full Version : PS3 EU Server lag issues , pls release new Patch soon if possible

04-26-2014, 02:02 AM
Patch is needed.. pls.

Everywhere I go I see no enemies for one minute or longer.

On many Arkfalls I see enemies but can't see my weapon or aim, no display, when ARK done all displays back on Screen.

Shadow War, when I die and do respawn all together from above.

Iron Demon Ranch, takes 2-3minutes to see ppl and vendor.

Restart PS3 all 30mins to help a little...

When Game was released all was super fine .. it was possible to camp in Defiance without dc.

Would be great to get a new Patch in the next days / weeks?

Hope when Defiance Season II will start on TV more Server are on.

Hard to play