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04-02-2013, 10:54 PM
Hello my good people! I'm Krazy Bigglesworth CEO of Biggles Corp. We make cookies at Biggles Corp, but we seem to have a problem. See defiance doesn't have enough cookies. Why? There aren't enough employs! But Krazy! How am I supposed to help? You might say. Well ill tell you. You can join Biggles Corp! Me? But what requirements are there, and what's the dental like? Well at Biggles Corp we don't really have requirements only expectations. Such as, be a good friendly clan member, help each other, and be a productive member of Biggles Corp. Why should you join? Well Biggles Corp at its state in defiance is it to seriously of a clan right now, were just starting to play the game after all. So right now its just a clan were you can meet and become friends and find people to group up with. Later I hope to see it become a very PvE based clan. So now if you want to join heres how. First way is contact me the CEO with my psn name just send me a message telling me your ingame name and jazz and ill get you added, my psn name is krnlkrazy. Seconded way add me as a friend or message me ingame again my name is same only capital Ks. So its KrnlKrazy. Also you can post you ingame name in this thread and again I will add you or message me on the forums. I hope to see some brave new employs soon- Krazy BigglesWorth