View Full Version : What will the future be for game+show idea?

04-30-2014, 07:33 AM
Im worried when Season 3 comes around will people even be playing this game still? I hope trion has big plans ahead for the game to keep everyone playing. They obviously looked at this in a long tern sense otherwise there wouldnt be a season 2

04-30-2014, 07:58 AM
Ok I'll bite.

Season 3 of the show? We can't even be sure it wont get canceled mid season 2. This is Syfy we're talking about. You know, the network that canceled the top rated scifi series on TV at the time.

And as far as the game goes, the tie in is tertiary at best. None of the 5 DLCs had anything to do with the show; in fact they were pretty left field as far as the show goes. So if the show goes there is no reason to believe the game will; or vice versa. And it's my opinion; expressed repeatedly, that Trion is trying to tank the game anyway.

So the question is if the show makes it to a third season will the game still be around. It's my opinion the game will be dropped some time during season 2. And considering there has been no expansion of the game, and there appears to be no concrete evidence they intend to expand the game, I doubt seriously if Trion is looking at this as a long term game.