View Full Version : Not Liking the DLC 5 Game Changes

05-01-2014, 06:08 PM
What I absolutely can't stand at the moment is the amount of damage enemies take at the higher threat levels. I am nearly a level 4000 EGO and spent so much time collecting and upgrading my guns. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that none of them really do any damage from threat level 6+. I actually find myself now hoping that no one comes along and joins my pursuits so that the threat level doesn't increase. I am reminded of the Brute's in Halo 2 and how repetitive and boring it made the game. Bungie was quick to change this in their sequels but Trion seems happy to make every enemy in this game a damage sponge. I will run out of ammo with a fully modded legendary SMG and only have an enemy's shield down to 50%. It might have something to do with the handicap system as the game adds everyone's EGO and then averages them out. It's odd because my EGO usually gets boosted to 4750 but this boost does not appear to effect my guns or shield...so, what's the point?...why am I ranking up when it is just going to give me an averaged EGO anyway?

Some of the changes that were made are nice and the performance has been improved. However, most of the additions don't add much, if anything, to gameplay. For instance, why add another two currencies on top of the 4 currencies that already exist? Why add shield plating that doesn't really work? While the idea to evolve how the enemy models look in response to threat level is cool, the enemy AI remains the same at each level. I am not sure if the new look and ideas really fit into the Defiance universe. The original cast of different alien races with variants such as the 99ers is interesting enough but where the heck do samurai's fit in? Why not clowns or pirates while we are at it? The Volge now look like a weird hybrid combo of Tron and Borderlands art styles. So in Defiance 2 am I going to have to look forward to California ninjas fighting Volge with neon spikes and Tron lines everywhere?

All these changes and many of the day one glitches are still there: disappearing cars, constant dropping, and freezing. I am going to check back in a month from now and hopefully the damage ratings have been addressed.