View Full Version : Remove the idea of Epics to Legendary by Arkforge

05-02-2014, 10:20 PM
It just another OJ lockbox and make the game dying faster

Also plz remove rep point boost in every pass, it also just could make the game dying faster, rep currency as the rarest resource and everyone should gain it in the same rate, the clan's 5% is fine but later after Paradise Patron Pass come out? (10%+5%+7% bits boost, 5% clan boost, PPP 20% boost)=47% totally boost

so clear it's pay 2 win very very soon, that's why they input the EGO affect damage and health idea.(do you know the range between 4500 to 5500 is how many %?)

And plz never change defiance to be no limit on EGO make those who pay every pass can gain nearly 50% faster level up speed and dominate the defiance land

05-02-2014, 10:25 PM
What I noticed is that there is a boost for ..Score?

Something to boost yourself on leader boards?

Between the boosts and the whole idea of upgrading weapons and shields into Legendries is taking the all these new changes that make the game fun in a challenging way into something very transparent. Challenges the game offers look to be getting nullified.