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05-05-2014, 08:28 AM
As far as MMOG's go, id like to see a more definitive tank/healer/dps role within co-op maps. Usually.....the level of threat would indicate how "pissed-off" enemies are at you, and not the level of their strength. When the DLC first dropped, and I noticed a threat lvl of 10 on my screen, I thought I was screwed. It seems as though there are perks designed to fill these normal roles, but not to the point of being effective. I guess the healer class is well defined, but there is no way to be a "successful" tank. Even in a pre-made group of friends, everything is just a mass solo campaign.

This game needs a new element of teamwork. Yea..there is that WM thing that relies heavily on teamwork, but everyone is used to doing their own thing, so its nearly impossible now to get 'er done...

05-05-2014, 08:37 AM
I have mixed feelings on a move further towards the classic MMO "holy trinity." On one hand, games that have largely dispensed with that have been some of my favorites. City of Heroes allowed you to use the trinity...but you didn't have to; you could win with any combination of archetypes, as long as you had reasonably competent players. The Secret World doesn't require the trinity for anything but dungeons (but you have to have it in those: 1 tank, 1 healer, 3 DPS...or you WILL fail, at least on the two more difficult settings), but any character can fill any of those roles, as the system is crazy-flexible.

But on the other hand, as you say, a greater emphasis on these roles could add elements of teamwork and social interaction that this game often badly lacks.

05-05-2014, 08:56 AM
Because a BMG can link to the entire group, you don't really need a tank, just a healer. A caller isn't really necessary because there are basically only two targets to call out in a co-op fight and that's during a boss fight (boss and adds) so you can designate specific people to take out adds ahead of the fight.

I've found a healer build to be very effective in an organized co-op group although it's really only necessary if the group is lacking any real heavy hitters. While the fights are longer because of the lost DPS, the likelihood of a wipe are almost nil if your healer has Combat Medic, Samaritan, One For All, Phoenix Boost and Self-Medicated. a strong BMG with long link range and linking capacity, and high weapon skill with BMG's.

What I often don't see which is doable in most boss fights is anyone doing crowd control on adds. The VBI GL-X Incinerator is a great crowd control weapon as it always sets mobs on fire causing adds to stop attacking and, since they nerfed the Expert Co-Op maps, it also does significant damage to the health of the adds making it easier for the other players to kill them off quickly.

It's not so much a lack of roles to play in Co-Op groups as it is a lack of planning and coordination among groups and a lack of need for them in most situations for a decent group of shooters. I usually simply take it upon myself to take one of these roles if it's missing and appears needed for a Co-Op map, and since the nerf it's only sometimes needed for the boss and hulker fights depending on how the rest of the group is in terms of load outs and shooting skill.

05-05-2014, 09:20 AM
Deunan, you bring up a point I forgot to add. If there was a way to "mark" an enemy to allow everyone to focus fire on one target, instead of dispersing damage unevenly, I think it would help boost the non-existent element of teamwork. It doesn't have to be as complex as the" skull, X, moon, circle, star sequence, but if the leader could just point and shoot at something, and on his/her teammates screen, something would indicate that this is the target to shoot at....

Know where im getting at?

Quebra Regra
05-05-2014, 09:24 AM
the ability to "mark" a particular enemy would be invaluable... As for roles in coop, it's up to the group to decide who will do what.

shoot, COMMUNICATE, move on out!

05-05-2014, 02:31 PM
I haven't played in a while and I was never all that knowledgeable of the EGO and different types of weapons, but-...

I really like the idea of defined roles in Defiance. It lacks a true MMO feel, a lot of the time, and I think this could help.

The thing is, I think we'd need to diversify the weapons we have...

My main idea is Infector Healing.

Two ways I could see this working.

--You target your allies with the Infector, unloading a "clip" into them will boost their health regen to the point that even if their shield is down they probably won't die from any amount of damage.

--You target enemies with the Infector, unloading a "clip" into them will cause healing spores to accumulate under their skin, but the needles ensure that the enemy's DNA can't be affected by the spores. Eventually the "spore bubbles" burst and give an AoE health regen.

You could heal effectively with just a BMG or just an Infector healing gun, and using both would generally be "overkill".

I also think it would be cool if Infectors came in wrist-launcher designs, as (IMO) we need more tech and less guns.

Also as far as tanks go, I would like sword-users (charge blades and katanas) to have the option of tanking. I take it we still don't have a right-click button, so maybe it could be a "Charge / Dash / Stun" type move, which could interrupt (for example) a rocket launcher being loaded and maybe give a minor boost to armor.